Decorating Do’s And Don’ts In Your Home

If you take a good look around you, you’ll notice all kinds of decorating mistakes enough to drive any professional mad. Of course, it’s not the fault of the homeowner or the amateur who is decorating. The fault lies only in the fact that they don’t understand design and the concept that lies behind it.

To begin with, you must take a really good look at your home. Look at the architecture and the period in which it was built. That should help you with some of the decorating. But, then you have to add something of your own to make it more personal. This will come in the form of furniture and other elements. You have to be careful however because you want everything to tiny and well.

If you want to start off and get good results, start with the dining room. It’s a lot simpler to decorate than other rooms can are for different reasons. One reason is the actual furniture made for such rooms. Take for example, the round dining room sets which are timeless and classic. They give everyone seated around the table the advantage of facing all others.

The only problem with this shape is the fact that it takes up too much space, hindering any addition of a sideboard or a buffet with a hutch, unless of course the room is quite large. But, if the room is rectangular, you will end up having problems, in most cases.

If this is the case with your home, what you should do is opt for a square or rectangular dining room set, or even a round one that is smaller in scale. Regardless of which style you choose, it’s always best to have the option to open it up with an extra leaf or two, making it easy to seat many guests comfortably.

The problem with most homeowners is that they try to make a room something it really isn’t, sometimes by adding too many pieces, other times because they are missing key elements to making a comfortable and inviting. One common mistake happens to be with the size of the furniture being far from the right scale for this size of the particular room.

This happens a lot of times in the bedroom, especially in kids bedrooms. A lot of those mistakes happen to occur because of the many items that are placed in children’s bedrooms. If this is happening in your home, then choose a loft bed to save space by housing some toys or a desk underneath the bed. It will free up space and make the room look bigger.