A Bamboo Water Fountain Can Add Magic To Your Home

The charm and serenity of a Japanese garden can be planted right in your backyard starting with a bamboo water fountain.

Many homeowners in the western world are discovering the charm that is a Japanese garden and bamboo fountains are just one of the essential ingredients that go into making these oriental havens a sheer pleasure to own and admire.

Bamboo water fountains have been a cornerstone of Japanese gardens for many centuries and one of the biggest impressions they seem to make on people in the western world is their ability to add a peaceful serenity to their surroundings.

Shopping For A Bamboo Fountain

There are many versions of fountains to choose from but one of the more popular is the Deer Chaser. The Deer Chaser has a particular action and motion which is designed to keep animals away yet it attract humans to it like “bees to a honeypot.” Shopping for bamboo fountains depends on two things: you either don’t want to go to the trouble of assembling your own or you are a handyman who loves to work on a project. The good news is both variations of fountains are available to you. Obviously it’s a cheaper option to build your own fountains but for people with little time on their hands, buying a ready made fountain is as simple as shopping on line. How much will you expect to pay? This is difficult to estimate because prices vary considerably from outlet to outlet but with all the working parts plus accessories such as a pump, you could pay anything up to $70.

Build Your Own

The beauty of building your own water fountains is for an outlay of just $30-$40 for raw bamboo material, you could assemble several fountains. They are not complicated to build although for a first time builder, a “crash course” in assembly may be required. Shopping for raw bamboo is probably the most difficult part of the project. It can sometimes be difficult to find but again, you will have no problems finding a supplier by searching online. Look for suppliers close to you as you want to avoid expensive shipping costs. Here are some tips you can use to make sure your finished product gives you years of service:
  • Look for solid bamboo because you don’t want your project cracking.
  • Use a protective finish or coating on your bamboo water fountain. An outside version will be faced with extremes in weather elements and cracking could be a problem while mold is another problem which could be encountered.